Gib dir den Raum du selbst zu sein
Über mich

Über mich

Über mich sollen lieber andere etwas sagen.

„The Self who has come to lead us forward into the Now… if we invite her, her Vision shall guide us while her Creativity inspires us. She is so much love, for self, for humanity, for the bodies we live in, for every thing in creation. 

It is easy to project that loving feeling into personal love and make demands that do not recognise the purity of this being, of self expression.

How easily you can be pulled into emotional adventures and chaos. In these times there is a longing for spiritual communion that can result in Melancholy. Find the music that feeds the individual pulse to see you safely home, home to Self. The safety lies in a strong foundation and trusting the Monopole.“

Thank you Tiera St. Claire

„Your role is to live the example of the end of mind game. You’re free. The world is your playground. The inspiration of your freedom, your presence, will attract the world to your G.“

Thank you Don

„Zareen means golden light. We are born with it. It is already there in the depth of your being. It just needs to be helped and it will explode. Because on the path of truth nothing is ever lost. Whatever you do goes on accumulating down the centuries. Everything else is lost. The money that you accumulate in one life is lost, the prestige is lost, the name, fame is lost, the political power is lost. Only one thing is never lost – it continues from one life to another – and that is whatever you do to know the truth. The river of truth is infinite, from the beginning to the end. It is not confined to one life – the body dies, the mind changes, but the spirit remains the same. So much is there already… just a little patience. You will come to a place which you cannot even imagine, which cannot be told, cannot be expressed and cannot be defined. One knows it only when one knows. But one thing about it is that it is something like infinite light exploding. It is as if a sun is born inside you, a great source of light. Once that light is experienced the whole of life becomes a light. Then whatever you touch becomes gold and whereever you look you find God. You may look at an ordinary flower and suddenly it is tremendously beautiful. Now you are pouring your light onto it. We are sitting on millions of miracles but our inner light is missing so we cannot see those miracles – they are happening all the time. Once your inner light is there you start looking at things in a totally new way. Golden light transforms life into a mine of diamonds, into a kingdom of heaven. Zareen.“

Thank you Soham (ehem. Samarpan)